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from Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn:

​“I was 47 years old when I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had worked in corporate America for most of my life but still felt I had not yet arrived at my career.

Then in 2004, a crisis in my life occurred. Jack, a mixed breed canine friend went missing. My life catapulted into grief and despair. The four months Jack was missing were among the toughest times of my life. Upon finding Jack, I knew that I had found my purpose. In 2005, I switched my private investigate agency from people to pets and I have never looked back. There is not another field or endeavor I would rather pursue…. I will do this work until the end of my days.

This is a life of passion and purpose… we truly do make a difference in the lives of the people and animals we work with. If my story sounds like your story... I encourage you to investigate further.


Learning and Training...  

Shifting into a life of  passion... even with no prior experience.

Learning this work... when you have little or no experience.

Many people ask if it is a deterrent, if they have not worked with a K9 partner or been a dog trainer or other pursuit involved in training or working with animals.

The truth is we prefer that our candidates  NOT have a background in tracking or working with a dog as a partner. The individuals we work with learn our process, techniques and case structure. Our system of working K9s has been developed over the past 22 years and has proven to be successful at recovering missing pets.

The system we use is a Recovery Based process we call “Tracking by Nature”. We utilize the instinct, drive and skills of each dog on a team.  The process is tailored to the individual dog allowing each K9 the ability to work at his or her best because they are allowed to work in the most natural way for that dog.

We follow the same philosophy when training people. At Candidate Basic Training, a sort of doggy Boot Camp, Candidates learn to work behind our veteran tracking dogs first to gain knowledge and experience. During this process we will decide with you what would best fit your situation based on the terrain and demographics where you will focus your efforts.

How we make the

Professional Difference...


Hunter & Robin had been missing 9 weeks when K9 CADE was called in to find them. There were no leads, no sightings... nothing except a nine week old trail.

This story exemplifies how a scent dog trained with our techniques and process can and will be able to follow a viable scent trail after an extended period of time... and from a great distance.

This is a true and accurate story that was witnessed and verified by law enforcement.