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Licensed investigators  specializing in lost dogs

Are you one of us?

We have trained many people for this work over the years and have found that those individuals that have been successful in this field, have also been successful at other pursuits.

For this reason, we are offering to license Lost Pet Professionals business opportunities to  motivated candidates who will then go on to train and learn our system and processes. Each licensee will have the exclusive right to a  territory or territories that will be selected based on demographics, population density and desirability. 

 In order to certify under MASDN, The Missing Animal Scent Dog Network, your licensing fee will also include (3) three day training sessions at our headquarters in Nebraska. Your training and accommodations are included in your overall fees. Meals and other expenses are at your expense.  Although you will attend 10 days of formal training, you will also be responsible for training and homework during your entire training period. 

In addition to K9 Handler training, you will be mentored by Karin TarQwyn during the first year you are in business. Karin is always available for questions any time  but in the first year, you will work closely with her on cases, marketing and training. This is a new world for you and we want you to be successful, so we will work with you extensively to make it so.

Your licensing  fees, your territory and training for certification will cost approximately $11,000.00 when completed. The fees can be paid all at once or in up to four payments with your licensing fee being the first payment.  Additional, payments can be made prior to each training session.

We are interested in hard working individuals who are passionate about life and have a drive to help others in a real way. Our licensing agreement is for a term of two years with the ability to extend. There is also a $250.00 per month royalty.

Should you elect to lease or purchase trained dogs from us, there are additional costs associated with each option.

In many states a private investigator's license may be required to do this work. This is a profession and we want our licensees to view this field in this way. We hold investigative agency licenses in several states and will encourage and help you through your state's requirements. In some cases, there may be opportunities to achieve your P.I. license while working under our license. This is on a case by case basis and we will discuss your states requirements. 

Our working mantras:

We don't just try... we do.

 Age is a number...

not a definition.

This work is more than a job;

it is a lifestyle.

This is our chosen career. As in any profession there are rules, laws and regulations to follow.

Ethics are from within.

How much does this cost?   Is my training included?  

Are there other fees?