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Some of the Dogs on our Teams...

Past and Present

Should you desire, we will evaluate your privately-owned dog for suitability, drive and independent thinking. Generally, we find that people's pets and dogs trained for other purposes, do not make suitable tracking dogs for this work.  We are however, open to the possibility.

As a word of caution, if you are looking for something to do with your dog or to give your dog a job, we would encourage you to find another pursuit or hobby. This work is very important, and we have found that individuals who want to help others find their missing family members understand the necessity of selecting dogs that are driven to do this work. If you are looking for a new hobby you can do with your personal dog, this is most likely not the field to pursue.

We are looking for passionate individuals who are compelled and driven to do this work.

How Many Dogs Do I Need on my Team?

We have found that the ideal number of K9 Team members on a team is three. We do have one handler with only two dogs on her team but others have as many as six. Karin TarQwyn has five dogs on her team including a seven-pound wonder named Joey. It is not the breed of the dog or the size of the dog… it is the heart and drive of the individual and that dogs ability to add to your team. Many of our lead dogs have been under twenty pounds. As your team evolves, there will be skill sets that will be desired. We will work with you to assist in selecting additional dogs as your need for certain skill sets evolve on your team.

This is not just a job... it is a lifestyle.

Do I have to have a trained dog or do you train my dog?

How many dogs do I need on my team?