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The Search and Recovery of K9 Karson 

"...  To Lost Pet Professionals, you are one of a kind. The knowledge and training you put into your company and people goes far beyond anything I have ever seen. It's been a pleasure to work with your company and a professional like Jordina."

Officer Jerry Popp K9 Handler

Wilmington Police Department

... Length of time missing may not be the most important factor when an animal goes missing.

In many cases the earlier a strategy is designed and implemented the better the likelihood of quick and easy recovery.  However, each case is different and criteria related to chances of recovery based on time are best determined by scenario as opposed to days, weeks and months missing.

 It is quite common for us to work cases where a pet has been missing three months or more. In extreme cases, frustration and panic go up with each week that passes but those pet owners who maintain a consistent search effort are generally rewarded for their pursuits when the pet is found and recovered or the case is otherwise resolved.
We are adept at motivating pet owners and keeping the search on track. 

All the way to FOUND!

K9 Karson, a police dog in Ohio went missing while being boarded at a kennel over the holidays.  Lost Pet Professionals was on site for 42 days tracking him as he traveled over two hundred miles. To the left is his recovery on day 61.