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Licensed investigators  specializing in lost dogs

How much does this cost?

What is involved?

We pride ourselves on the ability to design a strategy based on your pet's specific profile and missing situation while striving to work within  your budget.

The first step is to talk with a private investigator who will do a brief case review.

During the case review you will be asked several questions about your pet's behavior, breed and history.  The investigator will continue the query asking about the missing event, terrain and the logistics of your current search strategy.  By using a comparative method of analysis, the investigator will deduce  what has most likely happened and will then explain what we feel to be the necessary steps to locate and recover your pet. We will explain the tasks, strategy and approximate overall cost of the strategy for your pet's specific situation. 

Session fees can be as low as $195.00 depending on what is required for your case. There are several options including our Home by Phone One to One Coaching Process.
On location work with a tracking dog team is quoted on a case by case basis and will include travel and lodging expenses.​ The fees are determined based on mileage, travel hours and the individual working rate of the K9 Handler, Field Agent or Private Investigator.