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what is your success rate?

           Probability of Success

Recovery by Citizen: 89%

The Roaming Dog: 75% to 92%
The variables determining recovery are

  • Location of the missing event, 
  • The availability of sightings and leads 
  • The length of time missing.

Recovery rates are 75% to 92% dependent upon the presence of each of the variable mentioned.

Success rates are very hard to determine. There are many variable just as there are when trying to determine a success rate for crimes solved or patient’s healed. Like the former measurements, success is predicated on the specific crime or the specific illness or disease. In our work it is similar in that the success rate is based on the scenario but is also impacted by the pet owner and other factors.

We have estimated a percentage  on two of the most common scenarios. It is important to note however, that the motivation and task management skills of our client pet owner will always be an important factor in the recovery of any missing dog. Those who are consistent and determined have a higher percentage of success and ultimately… reunion.

Our search and investigation may take many forms and we are dedicated to your success. There is however, no guarantee either express or implied that the search will result in the recovery of your missing animal.

We will guarantee that we will work hard to achieve our desired result... your  REUNION with your family member!