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​The Real  Pet Detectives...

Licensed investigators  specializing in lost dogs

Your earnings are entirely up to you. Some of the factors will be:

  • How often are you available to work? 
  • How far will you travel?
  • Will you take referrals outside your territory?
  • How big a territory do you feel you can handle?
  • Will you have other K9 Handlers working with or for you?​
  • How many dogs can you facilitate in your life and on your team? Certain cases like an extreme roaming dog, will require a larger K9 team to work it.
  • Are you willing to do attraction and capture of roaming STARS dog, (Shy,Timid,Aloof,Reserved or Skittish dogs)?
  • When you are eligible, will you add other programs and processes to your business?

You will receive referrals from us. Due to our reputation, longevity and successes, we receive requests for assistance from pet owners all over the world. We  pass these requests on to the licensee in the specified territory. In some cases, we may pass on requests from areas outside your territory if the missing pet  is not located near a licensed territory. You will have the option of accepting the request or not.

A K9 handler that works twenty hours a week should make around $45,000.00 per year. Those that work harder and more hours, will make substantially more. Most K9 handlers work at least two cases a week on location. Most of us will not work more than twelve cases a month on location. Based on our model, licensing and training fees could be earned back in less than a year.

 Important Note: Based on our system, you cannot work your dog team every day or the dogs will burnout. The same with training… no more than twice a week.

After you complete your first year in the business and you have gained experience and success, you will have the opportunity to attend additional training seminars.  Our "Home By Phone Consultation Training" as well as "Working with Rescues" are two of the training sessions that will add value and dollars to your business.

How much can I make in this field?

​How long does it take to earn back my licensing and training fees?