K9 or FELINE Profiling​ Recovery Strategy
CSI for missing Pets

If your pet is missing, your best option is to request a FREE case review with one of our Private Investigators to discover the best recovery options for your missing pet. You can call 888-569-5775 for immediate help.

Professionally Trained and Certified Tracking  Dog TEAMS

Off Site... Work one-to-one with a Private investigator

Since 2005, we have recovered more missing pets than any other company or individual in North America.

 As private investigators trained and certified in the location and recovery of missing dogs and cats, our clients experience the benefits of our techniques, processes... and high success rates. 

Below are some of the ways in which we can help:

ON location with Professional Tracking Dog tEAMS

​The Real  Pet Detectives...

Licensed investigators  specializing in lost dogs

A Missing Pet is an Emergency... and we can help!

call   888-569-5775

We wrote the book on Lost Dogs!

Written by Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn for pet owners with a missing dog.

Discover what happened as well as the steps necessary to recover your lost dog. 

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"80% of all missing pet cases can be resolved off site by working with us one-to one and utilizing our  specific profiling and recovery process."
Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn - Founder Lost Pet Professionals
author; How to Find a Lost Dog- The Pet Owner’s Guide

Affordable... Work with us and experience the success of celebrating a reunion with your missing pet... Home by Phone.

Hand holding included!

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Since 2005, we have found the use of specially trained scent dogs to find lost pets has proven to be one of the most effective means by which to  locate a missing animal.

​Our private investigators, K9 handlers and field agents are  full time professionals.  They are not amateurs, hobbyists or volunteers. All Tracking dogs and their handlers are certified through the Missing Animal Scent Dog Network, (MASDN), the only organization in the United States with hands on training, mentoring and progressive testing, (Missing Animal Tactical Tracking Test) for the certification of dogs and handlers working in the missing pet industry.

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