Missing Animal Scent Dog Network CERTIFICATIONS:
SSD - Scene, Sighting & Discovery
TREK-9 - Scent Specific Distance Tracking 
CANINE Specialty Tracking - Roaming Dog
Field Agent 

Tressa English

Field Agent 

K9 Handler

  Like most of those at Lost Pet Professionals, Tressa came into this industry after experiencing her own missing pet. Tressa's crisis lasted only five days; her missing dog was recovered both safe and sound!
Overjoyed at the return of her missing friend, Tressa continued to think about her experience for months after his return. She had worked with Karin TarQwyn during the time her dog was missing  and felt that her lost dog crisis had changed her life. 
In the spring of 2013, Tressa made the decision to leave her career and begin her studies and training in the missing pet industry.
Today, Tressa, and her K9 Team assist pet owners in Colorado and adjoining state.

If you have a missing or lost pet, we urge you to make that phone call. Call 888-569-5775.


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