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Karin is the most recognized missing pet professional in the United States 

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Who is Karin TarQwyn?

How long has she been doing this work?

Industry professional since 2005...

Licensed in multiple states

Karin TarQwyn is a full time licensed private investigator who's sole (and soul) specialty is the location and recovery of missing and lost pets.

 In 1997 she began training scent specific canines to search for lost children and adults. In 2004, Karin experienced the grief and panic of a pet gone missing when her own dog,  Jack disappeared. After four months Jack was finally found and Karin made the decision to switch her investigative agency practice from humans to pets.

Over whelmed by the number of pet owners requesting help with their missing pet crisis, Karin began training others to assist her in her work. After many hits and misses with individuals that did not quite meet her standards for ethics and professionalism, Karin  hit upon a formula for finding and training the right people. She and the Independent Contractor K9 Handlers featured on these pages, work full time in the location and recovery of missing four pawed family members.

NOTE: Karin is the founder of MASDN - The Missing Animal Scent Dog Network; an independent coalition of professionals who have created standards, protocols and  certifications for individuals interested in learning and participating as a K9 Handler in the missing pet industry.