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Written by Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn for pet owners. Discover what happened as well as the steps necessary for recovering your lost dog. 

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 Tracking Dogs Track 7 Miles to FIND Lost Dog!

"We did not know that our lost dog Shiloh had traveled  seven miles away.  Without Karin and her amazing K9 team we would never have found her. Our family is back together thanks to this woman and her hardworking dogs."

Ryan & Ashley Hammontree

​​Wilmington Police Department -

The Recovery of K9 Karson ... Missing 61 days

" To Lost Pet Professionals... you are one of a kind. The knowledge and training you put into your company and people goes far beyond anything I have ever seen. It's been a pleasure to work with your company and a professional like Jordina". Officer Jerry Popp K9 Handler

The Search for K9 Karson

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Lost Pet Professionals Help For Missing Lost Stolen Dogs

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